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What my students say

I have been a student of Virginia’s for over four years now. My Spanish has improved significantly. My daughter is married to a Spaniard and his family are impressed with how much better I can communicate with them! 
Virginia’s lessons are always enjoyable and varied covering vocabulary and grammar, as well as cultural and topical subjects. She uses a wide variety of resources including texts, stories, songs and films. 

The lessons take place within a relaxed and friendly environment and Virginia is easy to approach if you are struggling with any aspect of the course. 



Virginia is an excellent tutor. She is friendly and supportive as well as patient and knowledgeable. Her knowledge of Spanish grammar and cultural nuances is great not just because she is a native speaker but she can articulate her knowledge well. 

She is very enthusiastic and knows how to motivate her students. She makes sure to check we understand the material and takes the time to answer all of the questions. The lessons usually go by quickly with a nice balance of grammar and conversation.

Thank you, Virginia!



Virginia is a brilliant teacher. The lessons were always well paced, interesting and carefully targeted at my level.  She has a library of suitable material: exercises, games, stories and video clips which she could draw on.  She was also able to recommend good books and websites for me to work on out of class.  I was happy with the progress I made with her help.



I was looking on Meetup for Spanish classes and found Virginia. I took private online lessons over 10 weeks and as a beginner I improved so much in such a short time. I would recommend Virginia to anyone, I enjoy her explications, patience, and enthusiasm. I also love that she uses different tools to teach Spanish such as textbooks, online exercises, songs, and movies. I am already planning to take more lessons with Virginia ?.  



Virginia is far and away the best language teacher I’ve ever had. Her classes are fun, friendly and engaging and she manages to create an environment that encourages you to get involved and just enjoy the experience of learning Spanish. I would wholeheartedly recommend Joyful Spanish!



Our 2 years of learning Spanish with Virginia via Zoom have been most enjoyable and rewarding. Virginia certainly keeps the lessons fun and interesting and we always look forward to them.

Chris and John

Chris and John

Long Melford, Suffolk

Virginia is very knowledgeable and engaging and goes to great lengths to make learning Spanish interesting. As well as text books we get lots of additional literary and cultural material which makes lessons all the more enjoyable. 


Eynsham, Oxfordshire

Virginia is a brilliant teacher! Her lessons are always well prepared with a mix of activities to encourage speaking, listening, reading and writing. She is creative, courteous and patient and succeeds in catering for the the needs of each member of the class. The use of Zoom for learning has been an excellent tool which Virginia has used to the full by enabling the whole class to view videos or access other online resources. She has also used breakout rooms to good effect in pair-work. The Wednesday class is a highlight of my week.


Wargrave, Berkshire

I was initially unsure as to whether to sign up to classes due to being so tired in the evenings after work, and having stopped classes with a previous teacher due to my inability to concentrate and retain information. But I thought I’d give Virginia’s small group classes a go, and I am so glad I did! 

Vir’s meticulous planning and lesson structure covered interesting topics in a fun way, which held my attention. Plus, the way in which Vir recapped, being concise and clear in her delivery and using a range of methods to revisit key vocabulary meant that I learned and retained so much, and I really noticed my progression throughout the course.

The balance of information parted, conversation practice, modelling & scaffolding of ideas meant that I felt confident in having a go myself when it was time to do so. The breakout rooms were a fun way to put this to practice and it was great working with the other lovely group members, finding out about their lives through practicing our Spanish.

I’ve always struggled with my confidence, especially with speaking Spanish, but Vir’s warmth, positivity and encouragement made me feel relaxed, supported and comfortable to just have a go.

If you’re unsure as to whether to sign up, I’d highly recommend giving the classes a go, as I doubt you will find any better classes or teacher out there. 


Thame, Oxfordshire

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Virginia. I went from knowing absolutely nothing to now being very keen to travel to Spain to try out my new skills. Virginia is incredibly patient and has tailored the lessons perfectly to my requirements. Once I had established the basics, she suggested online group sessions with other students who were at the same level. This worked out very well and I found my confidence in the language increased further as we could all practise and make mistakes together without any embarrassment. Virginia is a brilliant teacher who I thoroughly recommend.


Windsor, Berkshire